Message from the College Captain

We, as the SRC of 2021, aim to reconnect our community through the values of selflessness and dedication to one another and to the college - ‘there’s no Community without Unity’

As resilient and determined women of OLSH, our everyday efforts to love and care for one another will lift the College and everyone in it to higher places of success and community - #selflesstogether

Through each portfolio, including the new Stewardship and Media and Communication portfolios, we pledge to work together to learn new ways of celebrating our achievements and rallying as a community despite our newfound restrictions. By creating and implementing new strategies and initiatives for the College’s events and special occasions we strive to revitalise the community after what was an unprecedented and difficult year. 2021 is about redemption, resilience and community, and working together to lift each other up and looking out for those around us. The ethical and moral messages of Jesus Christ’s teachings, especially His commandment ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’, will hold true at the core of everything we as a team will do for the College.

To be an OLSH woman is to be selfless, to be understanding of the struggles of others, to never leave someone behind. We succeed by pulling each other up, we achieve greatness by extending our absolute best to everyone we meet and work with. Being aware of the impacts that 2020 had on each person and the community, we aim to implement new ways of approaching the topics of mental health across the school, and make sure support is available to all those who need it. We also aim to create as many opportunities to showcase the College’s achievements and celebrations to allow more space for our community to interact and provide each other with company and strength. It has become increasingly obvious how important community truly is, and if last year showed us anything, it’s how much we truly need each other. 2021 is about every single person, their lives and aspirations and struggles, how important they are, and the effect that loving one’s neighbour can have on the community as a whole. 

“When there is unity, there is always victory” Pubilius Syrus


As a community, let’s work everyday towards building each other up and expanding our College and its abilities to achieve greatness together.

Ella Walkerdene 
College Captain 2021