Message from the College Captain

We, the SRC of 2019, aspire to impact on life at the College with a strong focus on:
Encouraging commitment.
Establishing unity.
Creating an overall sense of Community at OLSH.

Through the social justice, performing arts, liturgy and sports portfolios we strive to introduce initiatives and opportunities for the individual, the College and the wider community to develop a greater understanding of commitment and unity.  We are determined to encourage and motivate the entire student body to participate in all areas of school life, and to explore their unique talents in academia, the performing arts and sports.

Our enthusiasm towards strengthening OLSH as a community of the heart is founded upon the values and ideals of past and present influential figures of the College. The strong Catholic faith of the College, established and demonstrated by Father Jules Chevalier and Mother Marie Louise Hartzer, paves the way for each individual to develop a spiritual identity that connects them to each other, and to the whole school community. This connection has inspired us to focus on building positive relationships among students, year groups and the whole school.

In order to achieve these goals we endeavour to work cooperatively with the executive leadership team, both students and teachers. This will enable us to achieve our set goals and address issues that arise throughout the year. In doing so, the SRC of 2019 intend to increase participation, strengthen relationships and promote unity.

“We are not made for comfort, we are made for greatness” –  Pope Benedict XVI.

So let’s make 2019 the greatest yet!

Florence Moshos 
College Captain 2019