College Leadership Team

Principal Ms Brigid Taylor
Assistant Principal Ms Janet Cairncross
Leader Of Learning – Religious Education And Mission Mr Brennan Sharpley
Leader Of Professional Practice & Pedagogy Dr Claire Golledge
Leader Of Learning – Curriculum Mrs Helen Zannettides
Leader Of Teaching Administration Mrs Irene Petropoulos
Business Manager Mr Gavin Jonathan

Leaders Of Learning

English Mrs Hazel Thomas
English Assistant Ms Natasha Shah
Mathematics Ms Deborah Green
Mathematics Assistant Ms Madeline Agius
Science Mrs Caroline Marshall
Human Society And Its Environment (HSIE) Mr Gary Osborne
Technology And Applied Studies (TAS) Ms Lisa Kyriacou
Personal Development, Health And Physical Education (PDHPE) Mr Matteo Feltrin (Acting)
Vocational Education And Training (VET) Mrs Paula Angelou
Creative And Performing Arts (CAPA) Mrs Loretta Ellis
Diverse Learning & Newman Ms Stephanie Kuldan

Leaders Of Pastoral Care

Year 7 Mrs Lynette Blundell
Year 8 Mrs Helen Page (Acting)
Year 9 Miss Ashlea Sharman
Year 10 Ms Dorothea Bizzanes
Year 11 Mrs Therese Ryan
Year 12 Mrs Erika Fitzgerald

Staff Responsible For A Particular Area

Teacher Librarian Mrs Melinda Miletich
Careers Education Mrs Karen Bannatyne
Language Courses Outside Of School Mrs Helen Zannettides
Numeracy Mr Sean Baggott
Diverse Learning Mr Anthony Jenkins
EALD Support Teacher Ms Paula Runnals
7 – 10 Sport Coordinator Mr Bradley Deitz
Student Leadership & Youth Ministry Facilitator Mr Craig Beck
ATSI Support Mrs Leonie Stevens
School Counsellor Ms Cathy Braun

Support Staff

Executive Assistant to the College Principal / Registrar Mrs Sandra Moy
College Bursar Mrs Sandra Toal
Cashier/Receptionist Mrs Margaret Murray
Student Services

Mrs Maria Halias/Mrs Stella Littlefair/

Mrs Michelle Thornton

Assistant Principal’s Secretary Mrs Mary Wachman
Curriculum Secretary Mrs Anne Brennan