College Uniform

At OLSH College we take pride in our appearance and wish to present a professional image to the community. To achieve this, a high standard of dress is required from students at all times.

  1. All Senior Skirts must be worn at knee length or below. Dresses must be worn at knee length or below. Shorts must be knee length.
  2. School shoes are to be black lace-up style with no platform heels.
  3. The College Blazer is the outer garment for warmth to and from school, on excursions and at official ceremonies. It is a compulsory part of the Winter Uniform and is to be worn to and from School.
  4. The College bag is the only one to be used by students. A College tote bag may be used when walking between classes and out of the school on excursion.

Summer Uniform


  • College summer uniform
  • Navy ankle socks


  • College senior skirt
  • Short sleeve College blouse
  • Navy ankle socks


  • Dark Navy Dress Shorts
  • College short sleeved blouse

Summer Sports Uniform


  • College sports shorts
  • College sports top
  • College sports cap
  • Lace up sport shoes and white ankle socks


  • Sports uniform should be retained from the junior school for wear at the carnivals.

Notes: In cooler weather the blazer is to be worn to and from school.

Winter Uniform


  • College Plaid Tunic
  • College Blouse
  • Navy 30 Denier
  • Navy Jumper
  • College Blazer


  • College Senior Skirt
  • College Blouse
  • Navy 30 Denier
  • Navy Jumper
  • College Blazer


  • Dark Navy Dress Slacks
  • College Blouse
  • Navy Socks

Winter Sports Uniform


  • College Sports Tracksuit
  • College Sports top
  • Lace up sport shoes and white ankle socks


  • Sports uniform should be retained from the junior school for wear at the carnivals.

Optional Items

  • Navy scarf is optional with the uniform

If students feel that it is necessary to wear more clothes for warmth during winter, they must be worn under the regular uniform eg. spencers, thermals.  Assorted jumpers and tracksuit jackets are not acceptable.

General Uniform

  • Uniform should be neat, tidy and all items clearly labelled with the student’s name.
  • Plain black leather lace up, flat-heeled shoes are the only acceptable form of footwear for students. All variations (eg. buckles, high heels, moccasins, boat shoes and sport shoes) are not allowed. If a student appears in non regulation footwear, parents will be requested to have those shoes replaced.
  • Students must wear full College uniform to and from the College even in exam blocks.
  • The College dress shorts or dress slacks may not be worn on formal occasions such as College Liturgies and representative activities.


  • Hair must be tied back and must not be natural in colour. Hair should be well groomed, neat and tidy. Untidy and bizarre hairstyles are not permitted. Hair needs to be in such a condition it does not invite comment.
  • Ribbons, scrunchies and headbands must be navy or dark green.


The only jewellery that is permitted with the school uniform is as follows:

  • one small gold or silver chain with a cross or Christian symbol may be worn around the neck.The chain should be long enough so it can’t be seen.
  • a watch – Smart watches are not allowed.
  • one set of small round gold, silver or clear stone studs or small sleepers worn in the lowest lobe of the ear.
  • Studs should not be colour and no pearls. Size should not exceed 3mm.
  • No nose studs or any other visible facial piercing will NOT be accepted.


Coloured nail polish, shellac artificial acrylic/gel nails and makeup (except for natural coloured lip balm) is not to be worn with the uniform at any time. Nails should be kept to an appropriate length to prevent a student harming themselves or others during the course of school activities.


  • Make up (foundation, eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes, coloured lip gloss) are not permitted.
  • No visible tattoos will be accepted.
  • The Principal/Assistant Principal reserves the right to alter and interpret the above provisions.

Students who fail to meet College expectations and ignore their responsibilities will face consequences. The following structures and consequences act as an outline that will guide teachers and students. Behaviours and consequences will be judged on their own individual circumstances in discussions with all levels of teachers and with notification to parents where necessary.

Consequences include:

  • Planner Comment
  • Clean up Team
  • Lunch time detention
  • Loss of day to day privileges
  • Tuesday after school detention (notice to parents required)

In serious cases, the Leader of Learning Pastoral Care, Assistant Principal or Principal will inform parents and the consequences may include:

  • Loss of privileges
  • Pupil free day detention
  • In-school or out of school suspension
  • Provisional enrolment contract