Annual Tuition Fees

1st Child

2nd Child

3rd Child

Years 7 & 8 $1652.00 $1487.00 $1074.00
Years 9 & 10 $1832.00 $1649.00 $1191.00
Years 11 & 12 $2440.00 $2196.00 $1586.00

Parents will be charged an annual fee in January. If paying fees annually the due date is 28 February 2017. The due dates for term fees are 28 February, 15 May and 15 August.

Families who already have three children attending Catholic Systemic Schools will not be charged school tuition fees at Parochial Primary or Regional Schools for their fourth and subsequent children.

The Archdiocesan Tuition Fees will continue to provide student accident insurance cover through Catholic Church Insurances Limited.  This 24 hour cover is for school activities during school hours and other approved school activities outside school hours such as school camps, school sports, work placement, and travelling to and from school.

Levies: 2017

Maintenance Levy

The Maintenance Levy goes towards the cost of maintaining building, grounds & equipment: $195.00 per student.

Parents and Friends’ Association Levy

The Parents & Friends’ Association Levy goes towards the upgrading of resources and facilities: $75.00 per family.

Building Fund Levy

This is necessary to cover the School’s required servicing of Loan Repayments for the new building and to provide upgrading of existing building facilities.  The Building Fund Levy will be $615.00 per annum. Families with children attending more than one Parish Primary or Regional School in the Archdiocese of Sydney, will be billed on a pro rata basis.

Annual Laptop Hire

Year 7

BYODD Program

Year 8

BYODD Program

Year 9

MacAir 11”
$397 for 3 years (2015 – 2017)

Year 10

BYODD Program

Year 11

MacAir 13”
$505 for 3 years (2016 – 2018)

also available

BYODD Program
(Year 11 participate either in the BYODD or Laptop Hire Programs)

Year 12

$455 for 3 years (2015 – 2017)

ICT Levy

The ICT Levy covers such costs as: ICT charges to schools for broadband access, licence fees, data charges and antivirus management. The ICT Levy will be $430.00 per annum for all students except those on the BYODD Program. Students on the BYODD Program will pay an ICT Levy of $150.00 per annum. 

Student Administration Fee

A fee of $240.00 is charged per student per year.

This covers a variety of items including such things as:

  • Official School Planner
  • College Yearbook
  • Library Fee
  • General Equipment
  • Cost of Printing reports and Official Certificates
  • NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (CCC) Sports Association fee
  • Entrance Fee and Bus Fares to selected College events
  • Administrative and Printing costs
  • Padlock for lockers

2017 School Fees Structure and Levies

Subject Resources Fees

This fee covers a variety of items such as the printing of class notes and examinations, stationery materials, and consumables, Allwell Testing, English, Maths and Science Competitions, Art Resources and Wood for Technology, Caps for Food Technology. New in 2017 will be Year 7-12 Maths Online. The Subject Resource Fee for 2017 will be $140.00 per annum.


The cost for excursions and incursions for 2017 are as follows:


Amount (per annum)

7 $110.00
8 $110.00
9 $245.00
10 $310.00
11 $60.00
12 $50.00

Please note the Year 9 and Year 10 excursion levy includes admission, activities and transport to the Catholic Youth Festival. Elective excursions eg. Theatre shows, Senior First Aid course, Creative & Performing Arts subject excursions, Year 11 & Year 12 Retreats and the Year 12 Graduation Dinner are not included in the amounts above. These will be billed separately in January 2017.

School Sports Fees

Years 7 – 10 students will have a compulsory Sports afternoon every fortnight in 2017.  Each term, students will pay for a programme of Sport at either an external location or on the school premises. The Sport Fee for Year 7 will be $140.00 per annum. The Sport Fee for Years 8 – 10 will be $180.00 per annum. This is an essential part of the school curriculum. Those who do not pay will be required to perform alternative duties on sports afternoons.

The Sport Fee for Years 8 – 10 has increased due to:

  • extra days added to 2017 schedule
  • sport lessons have increased from 1 hour to 1 hour & 15 minutes
  • an increase in bus transport costs as students will be travelling by hired bus to and from sporting venues

Students wanting to participate in extra-curricular sport or selected for representative sport will be charged an additional fee.