Library & Information Resource Centre

The Library and Learning Resource Centre offers a wide range of information resources, including books, multimedia resources and online resources, all aimed at supporting the whole College curriculum.

Our College Library and Resource Centre is a very busy and popular place, particularly before the start of school, at recess and during lunch time.

Students have access to the Library and Resource Centre for independent study before school starts (Tuesday – Friday from approximately 8:15am), at Recess (Tuesday to Thursday), at Lunch and after school (until 4.00pm approx.)

The Library and Resource Centre opening hours are as follows:

Open Closed
Monday 8.15am 5pm Closed at Recess
Tuesday 8.15am 5pm Open at Recess
Wednesday 8.15am 5pm Open at Recess
Thursday 8.15am 3.30pm Open at Recess
Friday 8.15am 3.30pm Closed at Recess

All students are welcome.