Application for Leave

ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority)  have developed the National Standards to establish nationally consistent parameters for the collection and reporting of student attendance data.

Due to changes implemented by the ACARA National Standards for Student Attendance Data Reporting, the procedure for requesting exemption from attendance at school, has been changed. Irrespective of the amount of leave requested, a form is now required. Emails are no longer an acceptable form of request for leave.

Please contact the College for more information.

  • A2 Form –  Exemption from Attendance at School  –  This form is for Exceptional Circumstances of Leave from school including employment in entertainment industry or participation in elite arts/sporting events.

These forms must be submitted 10 SCHOOL DAYS prior to leave. Leave approval is at the Principals discretion.

Parents should use the school holidays for travel and holidays. Requests for such leave may be declined by the Principal if it is not in the best interests of the student’s educational, social and participation reasons. There may be implications for your child’s academic progress.

* Leave greater than 50 days must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the leave date.


No of School Days

Request Procedure

Approval By

Leave for Up to 10 days A0 or A2 Application for Leave Form to be completed and handed to the Curriculum Secretary – 2 weeks notice Discretion of the Principal
Between 10 and 49 days A1 or A2 Application for Leave to be handed to the Curriculum Secretary – 2 weeks notice. Discretion of the Principal
More than 50 days A1 or A2 Application for Leave to be handed to the Curriculum Secretary – 4 weeks Request will be forwarded to the Sydney Catholic Schools SCS for Approval