HEART Matters

A commitment to partnership and shared responsibility among staff, students and parents is an integral part of our Pastoral Care. Our HEART Matters Wellbeing framework aims to enhance students’ sense of their own worth and dignity as individuals and to foster respect for the values and attitudes of others.

Positive Education is based on the work of Martin Seligman and others in Positive Psychology. This framework has a deliberate focus on developing resilience and a growth mindset in all of our students. Through the exploration and understanding of PERMA (Positive emotions – Engagement – positive Relationships – Meaning – Accomplishment), students are exposed to positive emotions, finding meaning and purpose in life, positive health, and developing and valuing the right relationships.

At OLSH, we have designed a broader framework aimed at fostering positive states of mind for all students named HEART, through which to deliver our programs. HEART (Health & Happiness, Engagement, Accomplishment & Acknowledgement, Relationships, Truth) integrates the science of the latest research into positive education with best practice teaching and learning.
The pastoral care program is infused with activities and strategies for building a positive mindset that enables OLSH students to learn and grow. Our Pastoral Care program equips students to be more resilient and capable of managing the challenges of adolescence.

At its core, HEART provides a framework for all pastoral care programs at OLSH that build upon the themes of Belonging (Year 7), Relationships (Year 8), Gratitude (Year 9), Responsibility (Year 10), Service (Year 11) and Empowerment (Year 12).