Pastoral Care

OLSH prides itself on the role the staff and community play in the shaping of our young women. Our aim is to ensure every student is cared for with dignity and compassion to allow them to grow into self-confident young women of the heart.

The Pastoral Care Program is run within Year levels. Classes meet each morning in homeroom, enabling the interaction and participation of students and teachers. Each Year Group meets as a whole form on a regular basis in Pastoral Care lessons to connect as a group and share experiences. Part of this process may involve guest speakers focusing on initiatives such as building resilience, the individual capacity of each student and role-modelling positive behaviours.

Reflection days are held throughout the year for year groups 7 to 10 and complement the program of development and personal growth. In Years 11 and 12 students attend Retreats to enhance their spiritual wellbeing.

Student Support

The College provides a range of support structures to ensure that we achieve our Pastoral Care aims. These include:

  1. Home Room Teacher – the first point of contact every morning. Home Room Teachers are often the first to celebrate a success, identify a concern or difficulty and are well equipped to deal with most issues as they arise.
  2. Leader of Pastoral Care – has special responsibility for the attitude, behaviour and general discipline of all students in their year. The Leader of Learning and Pastoral Care should be contacted if parents have any concerns about their daughter’s development.
  3. Leader of Learning – supports staff in dealing with students’ attitudes to learning, behaviour and general discipline in the classroom. Leaders of Learning may also be contacted if there is a concern about a particular subject area.
  4. Year Assistant – Each Roll Class Teacher and Roll Class is supported by an Assistant. The Assistant supports the students in their day-to-day activities within the College.
  5. Parent/Teacher/Student Evenings – Information is given to parents and students in written form twice a year. Interviews for all students are held by the end of Semester 1. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend, as the Student Report is issued at the interview.
  6. College Counsellor – The role of the College Counsellor is to supply the College with a service which may be regarded as a pastoral complement to its spiritual, academic, social, cultural and sporting life.
  7. House System – At the beginning of her life at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College each student is assigned to one of four Houses: Brendan, Chevalier, Hatzer and Xavier.