Daily Life

Attendance Procedures

Daily Attendance

Students are expected to be at school everyday and participate in all College activities. If a student is sick, Student Services should be notified of this absence via the absentee number 9662 4088 before 9 am.  Unexplained absences require a written parental explanation on the student’s return. This signed note needs to be handed to the Roll Class teacher. Parents may also send an email to the following address olsh-absences-lates@syd.catholic.edu.au. 

A text message is sent by Student Services to parents/guardians of students who are absent without explanation after roll call each school day. This unique message can be replied to and will be deemed as notification of the absence.

School functions such as Retreats, School Liturgies, Sports Carnivals, Excursions and Examinations are compulsory for students. If you are absent on these days a Doctor’s Certificate is required. Compulsory Community days are listed in the College Planner.

Sick Bay

When a student becomes ill at school she should report to the teacher immediately. At the teacher’s discretion the student may be sent to Student Services. Students will be assessed to determine if they should be sent home. Students are not to make contact with their parents if they feel ill. They need to present to Student Services. Minor injuries are treated at the College. If necessary, an ambulance will be called immediately. No student will be permitted to leave the College until a parent/guardian has been contacted.

Late Arrival

It is the responsibility of all students to arrive at school on time before the first bell at 8.35 am; and to be seated in Pastoral Care at 8.40 am. If a student arrives after the first bell, they must report to Student Services to sign in. The College library card is required when signing in late. Latecomers should provide a letter of explanation either on the day the student is late or on the following day to their Pastoral Care teacher. Students will be issued with a ‘late ticket’ and this must be shown to the teacher teaching your class.

Early Departures

No student is permitted to leave the school grounds without permission from the school. Where a student needs to leave school early to attend an appointment, she must provide a signed letter from her parents to her Pastoral Care teacher during morning Administration time. Once it has been signed by their Pastoral Care teacher, students are required to sign out at Student Services to attend this appointment.

Parents are requested to make Medical and Dental Appointments outside of school hours.

Where a student misses lessons, whether it is due to illness, excursions or any other approved leave, it is the student’s responsibility to find out what work has been missed and make the necessary arrangements to catch up.

Extended Periods of Absence

Due to changes implemented by the ACARA National Standards for Student Attendance Data Reporting, the procedure for requesting exemption from attendance at school has been changed.

The Application for Extended Leave (including travel) is required for leave of 10 school days or more. This form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to leave. Leave approval is at the Principal’s discretion.

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Bell Times


ADMIN 8.40am
PERIOD 1 8.55am
PERIOD 2 9.55am
RECESS 10.55am
PERIOD 3 11.20am
PERIOD 4 12.20pm
LUNCH 1.20pm
(2nd Half Playground Duty) 1.40pm
PERIOD 5 2.00pm



ADMIN 8.40am
PERIOD 1 8.55am
RECESS 9.55am
PERIOD 2 9.55am
PERIOD 3 11.20am
LUNCH 12.20pm
(2nd Half Playground Duty) 12.40pm
PERIOD 4 1.00pm
PERIOD 5 2.00pm


The College canteen provides a wide range of food for students to purchase. When purchasing, students are to line-up in orderly queues and show respect to staff and students when they are being served. Besides being open at recess and lunch, the canteen is open in the morning from 8 am to 8.20 am.

Care of School Property

Every girl in the school has a special responsibility to ensure that the classrooms, buildings and College grounds are treated with care and respect. It is expected that every girl will place her own rubbish in the bins that are provided. Graffiti or other forms of vandalism are unacceptable.

Change of Addres/Contact Details

It is essential for the school to have current Contact Details (addresses and phone numbers) so that the Parent/Guardian can be contacted in the case of an emergency.

Parents are requested to notify Student Services in writing if there are any changes to their contact details.


At the beginning of each year, students are assigned their own locker and lock. It is the student’s responsibility to keep the locker clean and locked for security. If requested, a student may be required to open her locker for inspection at any time.

Lost/Personal Property

All personal property, including books and clothing, should be clearly marked with the student’s name. All lost property is stored in Student Services. Students are reminded that the school is not responsible for any personal property that is lost, stolen or damaged during normal school hours.

Pick up/Drop off

For safety reasons, the area immediately outside the college on Kensington Road has been designated as the area where parents can pick up and/or drop off their daughter(s).

Sun smart

All students are encouraged to make use of the shaded areas during recess and lunch. Girls are required to wear the College cap if they are participating in a Physical Education class or a school sport. The use of sunscreen is widely recommended, especially in the summer months and is located at Student Services or PDHPE Department.

Travel to and from school

Students are expected to take the most direct route to and from the school, without loitering and behaving in unacceptable ways. Students are not permitted to visit shops on their way to school nor on the way home.