Student Safety

The College takes the safety of our students, staff and visitors very seriously. In order to ensure a high level of safety for all who come on to our grounds, the following practices and procedures have been put in place.

What do I do in case of an accident?

  • Report to the supervising teacher.
  • Register the accident at Student Services.
  • In the event of an accident occurring and a teacher cannot be located, students should come directly to Student Services to report the accident.
  • If a member of staff determines that an ambulance is required Student Services will call one, parents will be informed, and a member of staff will accompany the student to hospital.

Sick Bay

The College cannot administer any medication, eg Panadol if a student presents at Sick Bay.

When a student becomes ill at school she should report to the teacher immediately. At the teacher’s discretion the student may be sent to Student Services. Students will be assessed to determine if they should be sent home. Students are not to make contact with their parents if they feel ill. Minor injuries are treated at the College. If necessary, an ambulance will be called immediately. No student will be permitted to leave the College until a parent/guardian has been contacted.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

The College has a detailed plan and students are drilled each term in the Emergency Evacuation Procedure. For the information of parents, the student assembly area during an evacuation is the College oval.

Out of Bounds

Many girls visit Eastgardens after College. We ask parents to support the College by not permitting their daughter to go to this shopping centre in their College uniform. Please encourage your daughter to come directly home after school.

If you need your daughter to pick up something from Eastgardens please send a note to her Roll Class Teacher.

Drop-off and Pick-up

In the morning, drop-offs should be made in Kensington Road or Addison Street. Do not to drive into the College grounds, as this causes traffic congestion with staff arriving and parents leaving, on a very narrow driveway, at the same time. In the afternoon please do not double park in Addison Street. This is very dangerous on the hill.

Car entry into the College grounds is only allowed between 9.00am and 2.30pm. We seek your cooperation so that we can provide a safe, car-free environment when students are arriving at and leaving the College.